FREE Snipping Tool: Capture Screenshots

Taking screenshots is tedious and time-consuming. It’s just not possible to take a screenshot on your PC. Taking screenshots on a computer is a frustrating and time-consuming process. Users will have to use the PrtScn button, then open Paint or Word to capture the image, and finally save it into some external location before going … Read more

How to take print screen using VBScript?

if you getting any issues to activate using WshShell.AppActivate “untitled – Paint”. Then You tried minimizing and Restoring the opened windows using shell.Application and it’s working fine. 1 script 2 script

How to recover deleted screenshots without a computer?

You can easily recover your photos from your mobile phone very easily here are two methods. Method 1 Method 2 If you have not synced your phone with google drive then you can download and use the photo recovery application from play store. Here I am using diskdigger photo recovery. Step 1. Download diskdigger Photo … Read more