How to take a screenshot on Chromebook laptop with Easy Step

Take a screenshot on Chromebook can be useful for several reasons. For example, you can send copies of error messages to support services or save a tweet that you suspect will be deleted in minutes.

Full Screenshot on Chromebook

To take a screenshot of everything on your screen, press the following keys

  • take a screenshot of the entire screen, (Ctrl + Show Windows) use this combination.

It resembles a rectangle followed by two lines and replaces the typical F5 key found on standard keyboards. It resembles a rectangle followed by two lines and replaces the typical F5 key found on standard keyboards.

Once you click both keys, a notification appears in the bottom-right corner displaying a thumbnail of your screenshot, as shown above. 

Capture screen on Chromebook specific area of your Screen

Step 1: Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys together, then press the Show Windows button.

Step 2: The screen dims, and the cursor temporarily switches to a cross-hair. Use the cross-hair to start one corner of your capture area and hold down on the mouse button.

Step 3: Drag the cursor across the screen using your mouse until you create a box. Let go of the mouse button to complete the box and capture the screen.

You can also access screenshots by clicking the blue Files folder-style icon on the Shelf and selecting either Images or Downloads. Chrome OS labels all screenshots with the date and time were you captured. Also, read – Screenshot on Windows

Screenshots in tablet mode

Tablet mode is a very easy way to Capture a screen on Chromebook. Press: Power + Volume Down Your screen registers the screenshot and takes an image of the entire screen.

Use a stylus

You can easily capture a screenshot of your entire screen using a stylus.

Step 1: Tap Stylus Pen.

Step 2: Use the stylus to tap the Capture Screen option. This grabs a screenshot of your full screen.

Use a stylus to Capture screen on Chromebook using partial capture

  1. Tap Stylus (or Pen).
  2. Use the stylus to tap the Capture Region option.
  3. Use the stylus to touch and hold your starting point on the screen.
  4. Drag your stylus to the final point, creating a box.
  5. Release to capture your screenshot.